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LUXLO Pomegranate and Raspberry for GIN LOVERS Miniature (5cl)

LUXLO Pomegranate and Raspberry for GIN LOVERS Miniature (5cl)

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Now available in our handy miniature 5cl trial size.  Be kind to yourself with our deliciously natural, lower alcohol, lower calorie gin alternative.

Aromatic, smooth and light, LUXLO Pomegranate and Raspberry is juniper-led and packed with natural botanicals, individually distilled to create an exquisitely balanced, crisp, refreshing taste.

LUXLO Pomegranate and Raspberry is LOWER CALORIE - with only 28 calories per single serve and all the flavour of a more alcoholic gin…enjoy!

 LUXLO Pomegranate and Raspberry is LOWER ALCOHOL - at only 20% abv,LUXLO has half the alcohol of many gin brands with only half a unit of alcohol per 25ml serve. Kindness for your body and mind.

LUXLO Pomegranate and Raspberry  is PLANT BASED – juniper led and packed with 9 individually distilled, natural botanicals, LUXLO Pomegranate and Raspberry is a beautifully balanced, smooth, refreshing gin alternative 

 LUXLO Pomegranate and Raspberry is SUGAR FREE, GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN FRIENDLY

 LUXLO Pomegranate and Raspberry - Spirited by nature!

 The perfect serve

  1. Fill your glass with large ice cubes
  2. 1 part LUXLO Pomegranate and Raspberry
  3. Pomegranate seeds and a raspberry to top it off
  4. 2-3 parts of a light mixer of your choice

 Tasting notes

 Nose: Fresh, ripe raspberry with a hint of cotton candy

Body: smooth, rich and rounded

Palate: Tart with sweet, jammy undertones

Finish: a rich berry finish with lingering pomegranate and raspberry flavours

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